1.2 - Infinity Mix 2013 Rework

The Infinity Mix was the first mix I ever completed, 14 years ago. It’s still got a lot of tracks I enjoy, and is a blast from the past for me – it reminds me of putting it together, of the house I lived in at the time, of the different albums I’d bought, of the problems I had putting it together.

Back then, I mixed in Cool Edit Pro. When I first embarked on mixing what would become the Infinity Mix, I discovered that (wow, surprise) if two tracks aren’t exactly the same speed, then putting them together will start getting beat clashes. And this is really amazingly sensitive – even tenths of a BPM will start generating ugly thumping chaos within a couple of seconds. So I bought a separate BPM calculator program to work out the speed of each track and used time stretching to stretch the incoming track slower or faster until the outgoing track was faded away. That introduced artifacts – in the original mix you can clearly hear this going from The Third Rebirth into Everyone’s Future, where the cymbals go from being mushy to suddenly crisp. The pitch changes slightly upward too, but only really good ears will hear that. If I had everything lined up, I could just about finish editing two tracks together in the time it took to play it.

Now, I use MixMeister, which tells me the BPM of each song, the key it’s in, and seamlessly speeds up or slows down each track accordingly – while still keeping the pitch – between the outro of one track and the intro of the other. It’s beautiful. I can mix so fast I can get to the end of editing an hour’s worth of music in about thirty minutes, and so have time to admire my work and really make sure that each intro and outro sounds good.

The other thing that’s bothered me about the original Infinity Mix is that I had no way of recreating it short of going back and doing all that editing again in something like Audacity. Worse, the only original file I have is encoded in 128-bit MP3, using an old encoder that was fairly crappy. And somewhere in the process of moving the file around I got a chunk of weird data in the middle of it – about in the middle of Transamazonia.

And, of course, back when I edited it I had nothing to determine what key each track was in, and I just didn’t have the musical skill to pick each key, and to be honest I was so thrilled with being able to edit music together at all that I let the key go. A few times I had to search around a bit for a track that wouldn’t clash quite so badly with the previous track and would blend into the next track – which is why “Work My Mind” and “Moonwalk” are in the mix and are relatively short.

It’s not really a good example of my art.

So I started playing around with MixMeister one day, dragging all the tunes of the original Infinity Mix into one playlist and rearranging them by key. And then I started taking it more seriously – wouldn’t it be great to make something that was better than the original, that no longer made me cringe in some places? Hell yeah it would.

Now this was not easy. It’s always difficult when I have a set playlist – the Top Thirty mix and the various Creative Commons mixes I’ve put together have always been a bit clunky in places. The key just doesn’t match, or two pieces of music don’t blend together well, and I’m constrained to use those pieces and can’t substitute others.

I compromised a bit – I removed Transamazonia because I just don’t enjoy it any more, and I put in “Platform 9” by Quench because it was from the same era and it blended better than anything else in the mix.

But for the most part I also found that the same tracks worked together. It worked well to build up to the fast point in the middle and then have “Down In My Mind” as the reprise to slower speeds. It let me rediscover some of that music that had got a bit stale for me and realise that some of it was still a lot of fun.

Completed 20 Aug 2013



Total play length: 03:54:07

Track listing









1 Beaumont Hannant Teqtonik 129.90 07:00
2 The Grid Shapes of Sleep 133.90 06:42
3 William Orbit Adagio for Strings Ferry Corsten remix 135.00 06:34
4 Severed Heads Dead Eyes Opened Original Mix 132.20 06:30
5 Quench Platform 9 135.00 06:16
6 Union Jack Lollipop Man 145.90 07:17
7 Union Jack Red Herring 142.80 08:36
8 Salamander Tempest Union Jack Mix 145.80 07:10
9 Power Source Granada 150.10 08:40
10 Josh Abrahams We Mess with Your Head 142.50 07:03
11 Madely Stress 144.80 06:35
12 Headman Work my Mind 145.50 06:00
13 Jones and Stevenson The third rebirth 147.70 06:50
14 Itch-e & Scratch-E Interference 153.00 06:51
15 Witchcraft Major Frequencies 145.00 07:34
16 Phasis Moonwalk 159.90 05:51
17 Mijk's Magic Marble Box Autumn Personal Generator 148.90 07:53
18 Quench Redemption ambient 140.00 03:55
19 Quench Dreams original 136.00 06:10
20 Humate and Rabbit in the Moon East 133.60 09:42
21 Quench Hope 142.00 08:04
22 Itch-E & Scratch-E The Point Of No Return Mixed By Itch-E & Scratch-E & Sherrif Lindo 144.00 06:16
23 Marmion Schoneberg Man With No Name remix 140.00 07:23
24 Frontside Mind Distortion 140.00 08:26
25 South End Fanatical Otto's Gone Flying Mix 135.10 06:27
26 Itch-E & Scratch-E Sweetness And Light Sound & Suthers At The Controls 140.00 05:32
27 Union Jack Two Full Moons and a Trout 140.00 07:58
28 Commander Tom Are Am Eye 155.00 09:14
29 Pablo Gargano Everyone's Future 147.90 07:42
30 Paragliders Paraglide 154.90 07:06
31 L.S.G. My time is yours 146.00 06:40
32 Aurora Borealis The Milky Way 159.80 06:01
33 Final Fantasy Controlling transmission 168.80 07:31
34 Boo Boo & Mace Bring Your Mind Back Home 174.00 04:24
35 Frontside Down In My Mind 155.00 10:51
36 Frontside Down In My Mind 155.00 10:51
36 DJ Dan Efex vs J. Scott G. Onyx 140.00 09:34
37 Gouryella Gouryella 138.00 10:48
38 The Grid Texas Cowboys 135.20 05:50
39 S-J I Feel Divine 135.90 07:47
40 Quazar Break Away Deep Trance Remix 130.00 05:34
41 Ultimate Life Experience Escape From Noise 137.90 06:56
42 Paul Van Dyk For an angel 141.10 06:07
43 Cosmic Baby Aquarius Orbit 135.90 06:15
44 Third Eye You know 134.30 07:27
45 Frontside Dammerung 135.00 07:04
46 The Grid Swamp Thing 134.80 06:40

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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