10.1 - On The Wings Of The Storm

This is the new mix – constructed over two days, polished up over a couple more, then lost to a hard drive problem and painstakingly reconstructed again. There are a couple of CDs with the original mix out there, but people requesting this mix get the new mix. There’s not much difference – if anything the new mix is slightly better – but rarity is its own value.

The name was sort of inspired by the first six or seven tracks – I got the feeling of being swept along and into something quite large, dark and powerful. The whole mix package is a bit less menacing than it sounds…

Thanks go to David Bank for identifying the Atmos track that I had been listing as merely ‘Track 5’

Completed 8 Jul 2002



Total play length: 01:15:58

Track listing









1 Transwave Ulysses Voyage 2 119.80
2 Total Eclipse Nautilus 119.70
3 L.S.G. Blueprint 129.70
4 Canyon Caunos 129.80
5 Innate Changes Ambient mix 130.70
5 X-Dream Magic Moments remix 129.80
6 Delerium Innocente DJ Tiesto remix 131.40
7 L.S.G. Hidden Sun of Venus Oliver Lieb remix 132.90
8 Mystic Force Starburst 133.80
9 Sasha XPander 135.10
10 James Holden One For You Altitude remix 135.50
11 Dominion 11 Hours Z2 Remix 135.80
12 Ocean Wave Velvet 135.80
13 Saucermen Aquarius Evolution Remix 136.00
14 Atmos Cable Enable 136.00

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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