10.2 - On The Wings Of The Storm - 2020 Rework

This mix popped up in my playlist the other night and I realised that I do like some bits of this mix. But other bits I hate – not only the vocal tracks, which are rarely my thing, but just the selection of tracks. It was the first mix I actually put together in MixMeister, and this was in version 4 which didn’t list the key of the song. So I’d really just kind of drawn it together from whatever happened to be in my music collection and sounded roughly similar at the time.

So I decided, last night, to redo it. I wanted to keep the tracks I liked, and I wanted to keep the same overall atmosphere – of something building up, storming loudly, and then gradually abating. The fact that those tracks were in different keys and at different tempos didn’t help. But I think I did it. I found tracks that could work in between the contrasting tracks, that led from the continuous beat and bloopy sound of “Nautilus” by Total Eclipse to the stuttering, syncopated thumps and harsh synth strikes of “Magic Moments” by X-Dream and off into the smooth, droning pulse of “Cable Enable” by Atmos. Trying to deal with the semi-random key changes by finding tracks that had at least similar keys.

Now, it’s something I really enjoy listening to.

Completed 12 May 2020



Total play length: 01:20:42

Track listing









1 Transwave Ulysses Voyage 2 119.90 05:49
2 Transwave Phototropic Pt.2 120.00 07:18
3 Koxbox Neurobic 124.90 13:43
4 L.S.G. Blueprint 129.90 09:55
5 NKI Flare Extended Mix 123.00 08:07
6 Total Eclipse Nautilus 119.90 06:34
7 Mononoid Orbit Rain 125.00 10:48
8 A Robot Comes To Her Golden Age Legacy Original Mix 126.00 06:51
9 X-Dream Magic Moments remix 130.00 05:13
10 Innate Changes ambient mix 130.90 06:49
11 Mystic Force Starburst 133.90 07:23
12 Sasha Xpander 133.90 07:22
13 L.S.G. Hidden Sun of Venus Oliver Lieb remix 133.10 03:47
14 Saucermen Aquarius Evolution Remix 136.10 10:11
15 Atmos Cable Enable 136.20 14:18

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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