113 - Interstellar Ramjet

Over the years I’ve come to a formula with making mixes – a great first track, another great track in the middle, and a great last track. It’s not that the rest don’t matter – of course they do – but between those big hitters you want more comfortable tracks; music that is in the scene but isn’t demanding attention.

Well, this mix was a little bit different.

On the one hand, I had not one but two banging tracks that worked brilliantly with each-other. But on the other, the pace was unsustainable – I kept on ending up with tracks that felt like the energy had seeped away, that were either more minimal or a bit too abstract – or just boring. I always knew, with “Showtime” and “Pseudo Scarab”, that it would be hard to keep the pace up but I couldn’t afford not to.

So while the middle of this mix is maybe a bit old school, and the ending is a track I’ve had for quite a while, I think it does well to keep the energy up. Just the thing for when you engage the magnetic scoop, fire up the fusion driver, and point the interstellar ramjet at the other side of the galaxy.

Completed 7 Jul 2021



Total play length: 01:57:23

Track listing









1 Juno Reactor Showtime 145.00 05:32
2 Costa Pantazis pres. Ahriman Ra Pseudo Scarab Iridium Primitive Mix 145.00 06:21
3 Suria Star Scream 143.00 11:19
4 Noosphere Carpe Noctem 145.00 06:59
5 Sky Technology Aural Planet 145.00 07:20
6 Electric Universe You Decide 145.00 05:34
7 Astral Projection Open Society Original mix 146.00 10:00
8 Activate Morlack Awapowa 145.00 08:15
9 Sky Technology Stars Come Down 145.00 07:48
10 Astral Projection The Nexus 146.00 07:45
11 Sky Technology A Ray of Light 145.00 07:00
12 Man With No Name Evolution Digicult Remix 144.00 06:31
13 The Infinity Project Binary Neuromant 142.00 05:55
14 Cypher 7 Theories Of Human Nature Micky Noise remix 142.00 07:50
15 Electric Universe The Prayer Spirit Architect Remix 145.00 08:23
16 Deedrah Half of Me Micky Noise Remix 142.00 08:00
17 Wizzy Noise Sisters Of Darkness 142.90 07:51
18 Talamasca Libra 142.00 06:41
19 Protoculture More Directions 142.00 07:43
20 David Craig The New Force 144.90 07:49

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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