14 - Hyperdog mix

After my tepid success at the Morpheus night, I realised that if I wanted to (realise my great ambition)/(actually be capable) of being a decent computer DJ, I would need practice. Nearly all of my sets are arranged by (carefully selecting music)/(grabbing whatever I like) and putting it together, with plenty of time for selecting just the right track, tweaking the play order, and getting the crossfade and effects just right. Live mixing is not like that at all – basically you have to keep one step ahead of the play point all the time, and sometimes you just don’t get the time to tweak everything down to the last iota of detail. For this reason the (hopefully ongoing)/(haphazardly named) Hyperdog Mix series was created.

Adventurous people can choose which of the bracketed text in each sentence that they prefer. Send in your favourite suggestions!

Completed 6 Feb 2003



Total play length: 01:18:59

Track listing









1 Moogwai The Labyrinth - Part One 138.00 08:46
2 Push The Legacy 138.00 08:53
3 Aquanauts Deep Sea Martin Eyerer mix 138.20 05:30
4 Art of Trance Madagascar Ferry Corsten remix 138.10 05:23
5 Paragliders Lithium 1 138.20 07:02
6 DJ Misjah & GH Trippin Out 138.40 06:55
7 Indiana In My Veins Halo remix 138.60 07:40
8 Our House Floorspace '99 Pee Wee Ferris Mix 138.60 08:04
9 Transpeed Whip 138.70 06:42
10 Transwave snow drop 138.80 08:35
11 X-Dream Our Own happiness 138.90 09:07
12 Antiloop Nowhere to Hide 139.00 03:34
13 Ayla Ayla Veracocha Remix 139.00 06:05
14 Push Strange World 139.20 07:56

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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