17 - Beyond Lightspeed

I’m thinking of making a new unit of measure but I don’t have a fancy name to call it. This is one lightyear per second, or 31,557,600 times light speed to be precise. At this rate you could cross the solar system in a blink of an eye, and reach the nearest star (Alpha Centauri) in the time it takes you to grab a gulp of coffee. Even at this speed, it would take well over a day to traverse the Milky Way side to side, assuming you could instantly go from not moving to one LYPS. And getting to the nearest galaxy would probably take nearly three weeks Even this daunting speed is still too slow to navigate around the universe!

Still, it’s a speed to fire the imagination. At that speed you’d see stars in our relatively sparse region of space pass every couple of seconds or so. Closer into the galactic core they’d swarm past like old screensavers as you clipped by at amazing speed. The question of how you ‘see’ when you’re going faster than light is irrelevant – inside your ship light can go just as fast as it does everywhere else; you can just view a simulation from the navigation computer. Besides, short of wormholes, hyperspace, or other science-fiction inventions, the ability to go faster than light is quite simply impossible in normal space anyway. You have to be doing some sort of time-space trickery to get to travel around in space in any reasonable time.

This mix gives the feeling of being that first person to step into the spaceship and find themselves rushing through the galaxy. The engines’ deep voices powering you through the depths, the glimpses of other planetary systems and views of nebulae and other stellar phenomena picked out as a soaring, ever-changing melody. The feeling of unimagined power controlled and focussed to a single, distance-annihilating end. It’s awesome.

The mix itself was done in a couple of hours using some of the ideas that hadn’t fitted into the more clubby feel of the Club Mix 2003. That’s not to say it isn’t polished or carefully crafted, though. It also sort of functions as a tribute to the Platipus music label, from which over half of the tracks are drawn. These guys rock!

Completed 11 Dec 2003



Total play length: 01:18:22

Track listing









1 X-Dream Irritant 138.00 00:00:00 08:24
2 Solar Factor No Return Original Mix 138.00 07:21
3 Indiana In My Veins Kansai remix 138.00 07:07
4 Kansai Rococco Original Mix 138.00 07:51
5 Moogwai The Labyrinth Part One 137.90 08:46
6 Push The Legacy 137.90 08:53
7 Nevada Touched By The Hand Original Mix 137.90 07:48
8 Man With No Name Space Juice 137.80 07:44
9 Neo & Farina Someone 137.80 09:45
10 Mona Lisa Overdrive Born To Synthesize Neo & Farina remix 137.90 06:26
11 Insigma Insigma Club Mix 138.50 07:28
12 Rah Wave 138.80 09:03
13 Quench Dreams 2001 138.60 10:15

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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