28 - Club Mix 2004

This all started when I wandered into Landspeed Records, my local purveyor of vinyl, eclectic CDs and clubber wear. Trying to look like I actually belonged in there and was some true vinyl-mixing DJ that they’d just never seen before, I casually put on the headphones at the listening deck and flip through their collection of new releases. One catches my eye – it’s a single-sided white label only identified as ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush vs Infusion.

Now, I know Infusion are an Australian band, and, as you may have guessed from the index page and the Antipodean mixes, I like to collect Australian dance music. I put this on, and it sounds pretty nice. Money changes hands. I walk out with the first piece of vinyl in my collection of otherwise almost totally CD dominated music1. Not the last, though…

So I just had to start a mix with this track. And I wanted to make another ‘club mix’, since the previous had been so popular. It sort of has to be the 2004 mix, but it’s being finished up now midway through March 2005. Most of this just fell together – I love the way tracks that I’ve had for a long time (Break Away) fade perfectly into tracks I’ve picked up quite recently (Amber). I suppose this is another reason why the ‘2004’ name doesn’t really fit – it’s not exactly all tracks that I’ve just picked up in the last year. Still, here it is. Enjoy.

1 :Except for beXta’s first ‘album’ beXtaism, on tape.

Completed 30 Nov 2005



Total play length: 01:18:03

Track listing









1 Kate Bush vs Infusion Running Up That Hill 130.00 09:09
2 Way Out West The Fall Bedrock Vocal Remix 130.00 08:18
3 The age of love The age of love Brainbug remix 130.00 06:51
4 Praha presents Xian Kala Chant Part One 130.10 08:18
5 Intec Jimpy featuring Sarah Talkin' 130.40 07:01
6 Quazar Break Away Deep Trance Remix 130.00 05:34
7 Natious Amber 130.30 05:58
8 L.S.G. Blueprint 129.90 09:55
9 Man With No Name Skydiving 128.00 06:08
10 Space Manoeuvres Stage One Separation Mix 131.70 08:01
11 Schiller Ruhe Humate Mix 132.00 06:32
12 Man With No Name Cocoon 132.00 07:26
13 Praha presents Xian Pachinko Original Mix 132.00 08:07
14 Country & Western Reincarnation 133.10 04:06

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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