29.1 - Linux Conf Au 2005 Toast Mix 1

Linux Conf Au is one of three major Linux conferences held every year. This year I was lucky enough that it was in my home city – Canberra – and therefore it was almost a foregone conclusion that I would attend. One of the things that the website advertised were ‘Birds Of a Feather’ (or BOF) meetings – a chance for a group of like-minded people to get together informally and talk about ideas and projects. For people that often end up communicating by email and IRC and never getting to actually share a whiteboard or talk face to face, this is a pretty good opportunity.

Of course, from my perspective, it was a chance for people who liked Electronic Music of all kinds to get together and make some. I had originally thought of a night based around a nightclub, but I didn’t have the contacts and didn’t want to try and find them if there wasn’t going to be much interest. I have enough on my plate without having to run events that I have little past experience in. Even a night like my friends’ Spin & Jam night wasn’t going to work – we had lecture theatres, not lounges. Bring your own amplifier.

So I asked for and received permission to run an Electronic Music BOF.

Then, two weeks before the event, I receive an email from someone organising a night at a nightclub where people could bring their computers and play their music for the crowd. There would be drinks, there would be comfy chairs, there would be pool tables, and there would be heaps of amplifiers.

Naturally, I was overjoyed, although a bit chagrined that I now seemed to be locked into running a night that was superfluous. I packed my mid-tower computer and requisite bits and pieces into a large suitcase – if I do this more often I’m getting a laptop – and set up at the Toast nightclub. It was
pretty cool.

I eventually did three mixes; one slow and more clubby, more mid-tempo and trancey, and one psychedelic trance for the hardcore ravers who were there. In between, other people played their tracks – it was all great music. There was even a live performance guy who had rigged up sensor gloves to trigger sounds and control various aspects of his performance. That was pretty cool just from the technology alone.

Completed 19 Apr 2005



Total play length: 00:45:27

Track listing









1 William Orbit Painted Rock 128.40
2 Boxcar Algorhythm 129.90
3 Way Out West Intensify Radio Edit 132.00
4 Mona Lisa Overdrive Born To Synthesize Solar Stone remix 132.00
5 Paragliders Change Me 133.00
6 Moogwai The Labyrinth Oliver Klein's Mutteki remix 134.00
7 Third Eye Think 134.40
8 Frontside Dämmerung 135.00
9 DJs X-Cite and X-Cess X-Hale 150.00
10 Experimental Fluxtuation Ajnuna 150.00

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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