29.3 - Linux Conf Au 2005 Toast Mix 3

As explained in the main Linux Conf 2005 Toast Mix page I originally approached LCA 2005 with the idea of running an “Electronic Music BoF” meeting. When the Toast night turned up I of course went along, but I still considered myself committed to the original BoF plan. I took my portable PA system along to the allocated hall and started mixing at 6PM. After a while a few people drifted in and we talked about music as my mix played out.

Then we went out to Woodstock, a pizza place in Canberra which was the first restaurant I had been taken to on my first visit to Canberra. I considered it part of a great tradition, and since Woodstock has closed down it’s now a piece of history. This was also my first real introduction to the great LCA process of going and talking about interesting computer stuff with a bunch of people you haven’t met before – it’s really great to re-learn that your geeky interests are shared by others.

Completed 19 Apr 2005



Total play length: 01:22:24

Track listing









1 Josh Abrahams We Mess With Your Head 142.50
2 Etnica Z-Plane Sunrise 142.80
3 Juno Reactor Guardian Angel 142.90
4 Suria Another World 143.00
5 Suria Total Upgrade 143.00
6 Magnetrixx Neutrino 143.10
7 Magnetrixx Mikrotaster 143.10
8 Astral Projection Tryptomine Dream 144.00
9 The Infinity Project Wow 144.00
10 Total Eclipse The Furnace 144.90
11 Juno Reactor Badimo 145.00
12 Salamander Tempest Union Jack Mix 145.80
13 Prana Boundless 145.00

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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