32.2 - LCA 2006 Arc Cafe mix 2

I love going to the Linux Conference Australia (AKA LCA). My first year (2005) it was in Canberra, my home town; for 2006 it was in Dunedin. Once again the music and media mavens had organised a night at a local music-friendly cafe where people could bring their equipment along and do sets – mixing music, live performances, play your iPod, whatever.

It was slightly disappointing, because only Conrad and I had anything to play. I started with a slower set that I’d started to put together the previous night (to get my mixing muscles limbered up, so to speak) and then Conrad played some tracks from a CD of music created with Open Source tools released under the Creative Commons License. Conrad then did a ‘live’ set of scratching and looping using his own program, Sweep, which was generally well-received. Then I played another set, this time yielding to my own ‘what the hell’ impulses and other people’s urgings to put on a full Goa Trance blast. Needless to say, when a couple of people said that this was exactly the kind of music they loved to do hard-core hacking runs or designing sessions to, I was mighty chuffed.

(Fortunately for me, the fact that I was using proprietary, closed-source, for-money software to do the mixing didn’t lead to any violence…)

Completed 24 Jan 2006



Total play length: 01:12:00

Track listing









1 Quietman The Sleeper Man With No Name Remix
2 Man With No Name Lunar Cycle
3 Prodenya Magnetic Fields
4 Astral Projection Flying Into A Star
5 Bansi Inner Reflexion
6 Salamander Tempest Union Jack Remix
7 The Infinity Project Wow
8 Astral Projection Life on Mars
9 Eat Static Boney Incus
10 Paragliders Paraglide Humate Remix
11 Sola Nova Towards the Boundaries of the Sola Nova
12 beXta Rhythm Gun

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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