33 - Specialty Vinyl

For many years you could only get new trance and techno music on vinyl records. It’s the standard medium for DJ mixing, and I have to admit it offers a superior experience to trying to mix CDs using an electronic turntable – with vinyl you get feedback about where the track is, how fast it’s going and what you need to do to synchronise them. But I’ve never had two turntables and never been interested in learning that style, and vinyl is insanely expensive for what you get – a relatively fragile, lossy, degrading medium containing one or two tracks. Club DJs will typically weight the stylus heavily so that they don’t skip, so they wear faster than a record played on a regular deck.

So I transcribe all my records to MP3 file, and they sit in the cupboard. And I decided one day that I wanted a mix of those tracks, and made it. It’s probably a good sampler of my tastes over the years and across the subgenres.

Completed 3 Feb 2007



Total play length: 01:42:25

Track listing









1 Dido Sand In My Shoes Filterheadz remix 129.10 08:10
2 Kate Bush vs Infusion Running Up That Hill 130.00 09:09
3 Brian Eno An Ending Ascent) (Leama and Moore remix 131.00 10:20
4 Perry O'Neil Recharged 131.40 09:22
5 Chable and Bonnici Ride Have A Break Mix 132.20 08:01
6 Brainchild Symmetry C Lange Breakbeat remix 140.00 06:19
7 Miss Shiva Dreams Humate Remix 140.90 09:37
8 Nic Chagall Monday Bar Original mix 141.30 08:17
9 Sonic Animation Magnitude 7 145.50 07:42
10 The Dentist Global Phases Phase V 150.80 05:02
11 Sola Nova A Visit To The Planetarium Mannheim Mix 149.00 07:33
12 Brainchild Symmetry C Original mix 141.00 06:29
13 Dido Sand In My Shoes Above and Beyond UV remix 135.00 08:49
14 Nic Chagall Monday Bar Sunset mix 134.20 07:45
15 Perry O'Neil Numb 131.40 09:37

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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