34.2 - LCA 2007 Wired Kernel Hacker mix

The full story of how this mix came to be starts with its sibling mix, the Flashing Google Badge mix. Have you read that first? Good.

I was feeling a little unwell when I made the Flashing Google Badge mix. The evening after it was mostly complete, the pain in my stomach got worse. I went to hospital, and twelve hours later I was having my appendix out via keyhole surgery . Twelve hours after that I was discovering that the surgeons hadn’t told me about the pain in the shoulder that results when the carbon dioxide they pump in to let them see around inside you doesn’t get completely removed at the end of surgery. Two hours later I was writing this article in my blog in which you can read more detail about my experiences. The only positive side was that it gave me some time to make the second LCA 2007 mix.

Whereas the Flashing Google Badge mix is a party, good times, funky style mix, this is more for those hardcore hackers who need something to switch on the brain and keep them going when they’re working on their code. Enjoy!

Completed 23 Jan 2007



Total play length: 00:54:24

Track listing









1 Strojovna 07 Switch on - Switch off
2 Strojovna 07 Crystal durga-mata remix
3 Strojovna 07 Logistic
4 Belief Systems Electro Kinetic
5 Domased Tarantula Hardtrance Mix
6 Ambient Teknology Afterburner
7 DJ Markitos Cyber Evolution
8 Memories of Tomorrow Transcend Fate of a DJ
9 DJ Markitos Raving Illusions
10 Domased Basic Trance Esence

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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