35 - Toast "Tech" Night 2007-02-27

In the middle of February I heard, through the CLUG list, about the existence of a group called C-Tech who were hosting a night at the local Toast nightclub every Tuesday. The music is predominately Tech Trance; circa 130 BPM, mostly beats and electronic sounds, and the night is a fairly relaxed chance for those of us who like those sounds to come out of the woodwork and play the music we like. For me, it was also a chance to actually do some mixing at all.

I went along a week before this mix was made and met Chris, who I’d recently met through a friend of a friend (Canberra is like that). He seemed interested in hearing me mix – I think partly because he’d been forced to mix vinyl for four hours because no other DJs had showed up. So I turned up on this night and met Ben, the other half of C-Tech, and watched him mix in Tracktor for a while. He seemed interested in my mixing but wanted a chance to hear a sample of what I was going to play before I actually plugged in and switched on. Fair enough.

So that night I threw this mix together. I also decided to use my Magnatune collection; partly because it meant I could legally and freely distribute another mix, and partly because it was the right style and feel for the night. I then “lame“http://lame.sourceforge.net/ -ified it and copied it over to Chris’s iRiver player so they could share and enjoy.

Later, I discovered that the last track I’d put on mixed perfectly into Sasha’s track “Golden Arm” off AirDrawnDagger , but adding this would stop the mix being CC-by-nc-sa licensed, so I alone can possess that mix. The rest of you will just have to lie back and imagine it.

Completed 27 Feb 2007



Total play length: 00:52:17

Track listing









1 Monoide Unendliche liebe 103.00
2 Strojovna 07 Lienky 115.00
3 iNTROSPEKT UtET 120.00
4 Monoide One year after first love 120.00
5 Belief Systems Electro Jive 122.00
6 Monoide Like a child 125.00
7 Belief Systems Skunk Werks 128.00
8 Belief Systems Spear Burn 130.00
9 Belief Systems Electro Kinetic 131.00
10 Strojovna 07 Deluxe 130.00

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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