4.2 - Transcriptions - 2020 Rework

Ever since I first recorded bits of mixes off radio – mainly Triple J’s ‘Mix-Up’ and 4ZZZ’s ‘Crucial Cutz’ programmes – I’ve always had a soft spot for that music. It’s the music that I remember most clearly bonding me to the trance, techno and psy-trance genres. No longer did I have to feel kind of half-satisfied with rock, pop and bits of ‘dance’ music – there was music that I could really love, that gave me the feeling of energy and power that no other music does.

And ever since I first spliced those bits of ‘transcription’ tapes together into the first two of my ‘Transcriptions’ mixes, I’d wanted to find those tracks, buy them and mix them for real into my own mix. I knew I was never going to be as good as those DJs at the time – Nik Fish, Adrian Van Ray, Ken Jensen, Jen-E, Michael Kidd, and Peter Mogg on 4ZZZ – but I wanted to be.

Gradually I found tracks. Lots of searching and listening, endlessly retrying SoundHound and Shazam to get matches, asking friends to identify tunes… it took a long time. I owe a huge debt to Peter Mogg for actually announcing what those tunes were, which I carefully noted down afterward – no-one else did, and how is an up-and-coming punter supposed to find those tunes again? Sadly, there are still quite a few tunes I have no ID for at all – if you want to try your hand at the unknowns in mixes 4 and 5 be my guest!

Finally, in late 2020 I started assembling the mix. While I liked the idea of following the pattern of my previous reworks – start and end with the same tracks but rearrange everything else to blend better – the ambient pieces just deserved to go at the start, and build up to a rocketing hardcore finish. Quite a few tracks, including those ambient ones at the start, don’t feature in the Transcriptions mixes but came from recordings from that time so I got to include them. There are still a few tracks that I would have loved to put in but haven’t identified, and a few that I have that I don’t really feel the same emotion for any more and left out. I was tempted a few times to add in other tracks not from those recordings from that era that I love, but I took them out again after just finding them mentally incongruous with that one pure objective of a homage to Australian FM club radio in the late 1990s.

(Also, I just discovered in July 2022 that the tune I’ve always known as “Information (Tremble Mix)” is actually the Original mix. So it’s still a work in progress, apparently!)

So here it is! Enjoy!

Completed 3 Feb 2021



Total play length: 03:21:38

Track listing









1 Sabres of Paradise Haunted Dancehall In the Nursery Mix 77.30 05:48
2 Cosmic Baby Cosmikk Trigger 5.0 Unreleased 1992 138.90 10:14
3 Squelch Crash Danny Howell's Original Mix 135.00 12:53
4 The Infinity Project Ego Shredder 140.00 06:46
5 Masaray Time Traveler of Trance 137.80 13:08
6 Total Eclipse Toxic Caterpillar 139.90 07:03
7 Juno Reactor Guardian Angel 142.90 07:28
8 Humate & Rabbit in the moon East Rabbit in the moon remix 133.60 09:39
9 assign 1998.7.16 Tokyo Jurgen Driessen Presents Assign 140.50 12:45
10 Sunday Club Winds of Change Part 1 141.10 08:55
11 Way Out West Domination 135.90 08:38
12 Virus Sun Man With No Name Remix 135.80 06:57
13 Severed Heads Dead Eyes Opened Spooked 134.00 09:06
14 beXta Journeys 143.40 05:54
15 Cygnus X The Orange Theme Ferry Corsten Remix 145.00 07:03
16 De La Ray Superangel 140.90 05:13
17 Sola Nova A Visit To The Planetarium Mannheim Mix 149.00 07:33
18 C.L.M. Centrode 138.90 06:57
19 Adrenalin Drum The Hypnotiser 149.90 06:58
20 Gamma Loop Stagmato Seven 142.60 07:22
21 Lords of Octagon First Adventure Trip 151.80 07:58
22 beXta Affinity 143.30 05:38
23 The Dentist Global Phases Phase V 150.80 05:02
24 FSOM Teknologi 153.00 06:40
25 Cenobyte Future World Future Mix 159.80 06:26
26 Virtual Symmetry Information Original Mix 152.10 08:23
27 beXta Summit 159.40 04:22
28 beXta The Monicle 169.90 06:04
29 Alien Factory Get The Future Started 163.90 07:55
30 DJ Hooligan Rave Nation Perplexer Remix 165.00 05:43
31 Cenobyte Tales From The A-Side Byte Mix 162.20 06:01
32 beXta Rhythm Gun 172.20 05:41
33 Mikado Feel The Bass Rave The Bass Mix 1995 173.40 04:40
34 GT-Sampler Hallelujah 180.80 06:27

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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