50.2 - The Top Thirty - CD Mix

The description of the choice of songs for this mix can be found in the original Top Thirty page. Shortly after making that mix, however, I found myself driving around thinking that, though I had numerous CDs of my earlier mixes, I didn’t have any CDs of my current mixes. This one, containing my top thirty tracks, would be ideal – but it was a hair under three hours long.

I did some maths. With 30 songs in 80 minutes, that gives each song 8/3rds of a minute – or 2:40 – to play. That would mean just highlighting the most catchy, recognisable sections – but it would be a challenge. And that sounded interesting.

It was hard work, let me tell you. Every second gained somewhere was lost somewhere else. When I slackened off and let both “Your Whole Life” and “Bulky Hero” go overtime, I had to unmercifully butcher the next six songs to make them fit. I had to go by a spreadsheet, since any sentimentality about how long I let each song play led to the whole thing blowing out. I tightened things until they squeaked. I did little tricks I’d never need to do in an ordinary mix – like upping the BPM on one track just slightly to bring it into line, or chopping the middle bit out of “Addicted To Bass” so that it can tell the whole story in two thirds of the time, or snap changing between “Domination” and “Dead Eyes Opened” because a fade was never going to work. I felt very slightly dirty at the end of it.

But mostly I felt very proud. It was a mix that I could listen to over and over and not get tired in the least. While bits of it felt kludgy, nothing felt like it was truly wrong, or out of place, and every bit of it was really enjoyable to listen to. Whether it’s a blast from the past or a new purchase I’m still proud of, I just really enjoy every bit of this mix.

Completed 21 Jul 2010



Total play length: 01:19:48

Track listing









1 Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene 2 Aero remix 115.90 41:00
2 Pryda Shadows 125.50 33:00
3 Airwave Ubiquity 127.00 31:00
4 Boom Jinx Come Play Perfect 130.00 20:00
5 JPL Your Whole Life (Ljungqvist Always Lives Remix 130.00 31:00
6 Sonic Division Bulky Hero 132.00 05:00
7 The Green Martian Industry 135.00 17:00
8 Way Out West Domination 135.90 38:00
9 Severed Heads Dead Eyes Opened Original Mix 132.20 30:00
10 Man With No Name Vavoom! 136.00 10:00
11 Push Tranzy State Of Mind 2002 Club Mix 138.00 30:00
12 Art of Trance Madagascar Ferry Corsten remix 137.00 55:00
13 Moxa Dreamcatcher Firestorm Remix 137.00 38:00
14 Exposure Magic Impuls Original Mix 138.00 47:00
15 Galen Behr vs. Hydroid Shift Of The Ages 138.00 00:00
16 Quench Dreams 136.00 08:00
17 Solar Factor No Return Original mix 137.00 21:00
18 Rah Wave 139.00 03:00
19 John Askew Chime 140.00 50:00
20 Itch-e & Scratch-e Sweetness and Light Sound & Suthers at the Controls 140.00 32:00
21 Sasha Da Link Meteor (Natlife Somewhere In T 140.00 21:00
22 Albert Vorne A Leaden Day M.I.K.E. Remix 140.00 34:00
23 Transwave Vision Quest 141.90 42:00
24 White Overtone Wizard Maya 147.00 09:00
25 Josh Abrahams We Mess with Your Head 142.50 03:00
26 Sola Nova A Visit To The Planetarium Mannheim Mix 149.00 33:00
27 beXta Rhythm Gun 172.20 41:00
28 Josh Abrahams Addicted To Bass Original Version 82.50 54:00
29 Josh Abrahams Addicted To Bass Original Version 82.50 54:00
30 X-Dream The 1st Fluke Remix 180.80 08:00
31 Carbon Based Lifeforms Epicentre First Movement 106.40 57:00

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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