58 - Ektoplazm Mix 1 - All The Way Down

Erik De Castro Lopo introduced me to http://ektoplazm.com, a … sharing site for all styles of psy trance. Most importantly, the recordings there are a) free, b) licensed usually with the Creative Commons Attributions license, and c) really great stuff. So after collecting a suitable quantity I put together a new mix and it all sort of went together pretty quickly.

I’ve tried trawling through Jamendo, but I find it lacks quality control – there’s some good stuff there but it’s buried under mountains of badly-labelled, badly-produced, amateurish bleeps. I wholeheartedly support Magnatune but I find the subscription model annoying – I don’t like the feeling that I must slurp down another bunch of albums to get my money’s worth this month – strange as that may seem. So Ektoplazm has hit the spot on both counts – consistently good production quality and not feeling obliged to consume.

If there’s one theme I felt coming through while mixing this, it was the feeling that the rabbit hole goes much, much deeper than you expected to go…

This mix is released under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Next step – passing this mix on to Ektoplazm itself…

Completed 5 Feb 2012



Total play length: 01:17:52

Track listing









1 Musica Ex Machina To Go Behind 139.90 09:36
2 Daimon Edge Of Darkness 140.00 08:50
3 Cosmic Silence Electric Manna 143.00 08:49
4 Keamia Take No Orders 144.00 08:38
5 Faxi Nadu Sands Of Fantasy 145.00 06:31
6 Dual Barrel 27 Sundowns 142.00 08:42
7 Radical Distortion Goa Station 140.00 08:48
8 PsiloCybian Mindblowing 142.00 07:07
9 Keamia Potency 144.00 08:16
10 PsiloCybian Succumb 145.00 07:00
11 Psynthax E.C.T. 143.00 07:43
12 Deimos Future Failed 140.00 07:26

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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