65 - Illuminations

I’d originally started with another track – a favourite that I hadn’t used in a mix yet. And it inspired me to pull together a number of tracks that I liked and enjoyed in the same key (A#), gradually building up into a Psy-Trance ending. But, strangely, when I came to listen to it again, the first track wasn’t actually in A#, it was in D#. So, back to the drawing board: I found another track to start the mix with, gave it the same ‘fast fade in’ start, and it seemed to work.

Only… not quite. I listened to it again and decided that the last third or so of the mix was just badly mixed. There were a couple of transitions that didn’t work, and then it went to Psy-Trance where it just didn’t really need to go. So I updated it with a more trancey ending that seemed to work.

Only… not quite. I listened to it again and there was one track that I’d thrown in in a bit of a rush that had a good start and ending but sucked in the middle. Worse, I’d done the mixing in such a rush that there was a train wreck of clashing beats in the outro of that track. I wanted to keep the general feel of the trance mix, but finding a track at about the same pace and feel was tricky. I reopened the file in the start of July 2013 and put a better track in. It now doesn’t fit on a CD without severe editing, but I can cope with that. It feels much more complete now.

Completed 13 Aug 2013



Total play length: 01:18:32

Track listing









1 Art Of Trance vs. POB Turkish Bizarre DBA Remix 137.00 07:47
2 Fictivision vs. Phynn Escape Phynn Mix 138.00 09:27
3 Solar Factor Urban Shakedown 138.00 06:57
4 Push Imagine 138.00 07:37
5 Moogwai Neon Kansai remix 138.10 07:00
6 Natious Amber Oliver Lieb Remix 138.10 07:48
7 Paragliders Lithium 1 138.20 07:02
8 Solar Factor The Rising Sun 138.00 08:04
9 Push Strange World Astral Projection Remix 139.00 09:02
10 Menno de Jong feat. ReLocate Spirit Paul Miller 2008 Rework 140.00 06:56
11 The Gift The Seventh Day M.I.K.E. Remix 140.00 08:41
12 Airwave Above The Sky Remix 140.00 06:17
13 Pulser Point Of Impact Original Mix 140.00 07:09
14 Stoneface And Terminal Summerscape 140.00 04:28
15 Westbam vs Red Jerry Wizards of the Sonic 141.00 06:52

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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