67 - The Cyber-Shamen

Reading YouTube comments is rarely edifying, but recently I found the actual transcription of the chanting in Electric Universe’s classic track “The Prayer”, which turns out to be a song of praise to Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu God of Beginnings.

Coincidentally, I happened to be reading Roger Zelazny’s book “Lord Of Light”, which is centred around the Hindu Gods, and Rudyard Kipling’s book “Kim”, which gives one a feel for Indian culture almost as good as being there. So I decided to put together a Psy-trance mix (not true Goa, but close) imagining the meeting of Hindu Gods and Ultra-Technology.

Completed 4 Nov 2012



Total play length: 01:18:06

Track listing









1 Electric Universe The Prayer 145.00 08:49
2 Quantica Distorted String Theory 145.00 08:20
3 Pleiadians Galactic 145.00 07:46
4 Message From God Positive Energy 145.00 08:24
5 Compressor Front To Back 145.00 06:21
6 Pleiadians Condition Critical 145.00 09:24
7 Quantica Artaud Method 145.00 07:14
8 Message From God The World Is A Narrow Bridge 146.00 08:45
9 Pablo Gargano The Stranger 146.80 06:46
10 Etnica Starship 101 146.90 08:43
11 CPU Processing Unit 147.00 09:05
12 Transwave Rezwalker 147.00 07:34

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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