75 - Ektoplazm 3 - Cryptozoology

This is a slower, slightly darker and moodier mix from the excellent collection of Creative Commons licensed Psy-trance at http://www.ektoplazm.com.

One of the things I’ve discovered in mixing is that you need a really large collection of music in order to be able to make good mixes. I want the tracks to seamlessly blend together, which requires that they’re in the same key and have similar style and pace. You can’t go mixing Firestarter and Barbie Girl even if they’re the same key and speed, you know… It’s common for me to select only one track in twenty in the right BPM and key.

My collection of Ektoplazm trance is still not very large, which means that I have less choice. I’d have more choice if I ignored the key, but having recently reviewed several old mixes (which used an earlier version of MixMeister which didn’t tell you what key the track was in) and cringed at some of the clumsy transitions, I didn’t want to just pick randomly. It’s hard going between complementary keys, though – e.g. C to G or F – because even then clashes can occur.

So to try something completely different, I tried going up the chromatic scale – C, C#, D, D#, E, etc. – and it worked! In general this style of dark, minimal psy-trance often doesn’t have a lot going on melodically at the start and end of the track. There were a few transitions that sounded a bit odd, but mostly it works well. And I got to end back where we started from, too, which I thought was kind of neat.

This mix is released under a Creative Commons Noncommercial license.

Completed 26 Nov 2013



Total play length: 01:19:44

Track listing









1 Stoned Aliens Magic Dream 136.00 09:00
2 Jekyll Confirmative Illusions 136.00 10:40
3 Nü Tao Caballero Ciruelo 133.00 07:13
4 Tijah vs Diza Chaos Secret 135.00 07:53
5 Neuromodulation Depth Of Measurement 137.00 06:40
6 Otkun Infection V2 133.00 07:02
7 Ellis Thomas Neverland 132.00 07:00
8 Harmless Prankster Conundrum 134.00 06:49
9 HelixNebula Riding The Comet 135.00 08:39
10 Megiddo Rainha Do Mar 134.00 07:13
11 Zentrix Era Of Terra 135.00 06:59
12 Short Circuit Floating On A Dream 135.00 06:36
13 Ellis Thomas Monster City 132.00 06:21
14 Stoned Aliens Magic Dream 136.00 09:00

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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