81 - Fake Realtime

For a bit of a change, I decided to practice my ‘live’ mixing. I do this by selecting a track, pressing ‘performance play’ in MixMeister and trying to keep the mix ahead of the performance play point. MixMeister ‘performs’ the mix to a separate output, exactly the same way that a DJ can preview a track in their headphones while the live audience is listening to the mix from another track. A minute out from where the performance point is, the time bar turns gradually blacker, so a looming cloud seems to come toward you if you spend too long mixing one point.

However, I’m more familiar with my music these days and remember more tracks – and have more tracks that are good and that I enjoy in my collection. So I’m getting better at keeping ahead of the performance. Watching someone mix in MixMeister is not a very interactive experience – they will almost never be actually working with the place the crowd is listening to. And I have no crowd. So it’s all a bit fake, in various ways.

So: fake, but real.

Completed 15 Jun 2014



Total play length: 01:18:36

Track listing









1 Ovnimoon The Holographic Sphere Live Version 138.00 09:03
2 Wizzy Noise Paradise Lost 138.00 07:28
3 The Dreamtraveler Time Original Mix 137.90 06:36
4 Astral Projection Liquid Sun 137.90 11:00
5 Quench Dreams Maverick's Remix 137.80 07:50
6 Whitelabel Behind Blue Eyes B1 Side 137.70 09:55
7 Phil Green and S.H.O.K.K Present 32F Frozen Memories Van Gelder Remix 138.00 06:07
8 Photon Decay Aura Original Mix 138.00 07:28
9 Static Blue & Oliver P Crimson Skies Akesson Remix 138.00 08:00
10 Galen Behr vs. Hydroid Shift Of The Ages 138.00 08:00
11 Da Hool Meet Her At The Love Parade Airwave Remix 138.10 06:43
12 Breakfast The Horizon 138.00 09:25

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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