9 - Aleph Two

The Aleph Two mix has been an experiment that turned into a great time. Firstly, this was the mix I wanted to put together of favourite tracks of mine and other people; rather than my previous couple of mixes which have been within a set theme and using a more limited range of music. Secondly, shortly after I started out I discovered a new mixing program called MixMeister, whose praises I shall sing for a long long time. It now does automatically the work I used to do manually, makes easy the things I had to guess, and allows flexibility where my previous methods bound me to a single course of action. It is easy to use, fast, and overall it makes it fantastically simple to do beat mixing. I now look forward to my next project rather than gritting my teeth beforehand.

Completed 1 Jun 2002



Total play length: 03:23:54

Track listing









1 Paul Van Dyk Forbidden Fruit BT & PVD's Food of Love Mix 135.80
2 Way Out West Domination 135.70
3 BT Dreaming 135.90
4 Three Drives on a Vinyl Greece 2000 Man With No Name Mix 135.90
5 Quench Dreams original 135.90
6 Transwave Land of Freedom 135.80
7 Man With No Name Vavoom! 135.80
8 Art Of Trance Madagascar Ferry Corsten remix 136.90
9 Marmion Five Years And Tomorrow 137.40
10 Astral Projection Another World 137.70
11 L.S.G. Netherworld Vinyl version 137.90
12 Astral Projection Visions Of Nasca 137.80
13 Paragliders Lithium 1 138.00
14 L.S.G. Casseyopia 137.90
15 Space Manoeuvres Stage One Tilt's Apollo 11 Mix 138.10
16 Transa Supernova 138.40
17 Gouryella Tenshi Transa Remix 139.50
18 Friends, Lovers and Family Fortune's Fool Quietman remix 139.80
19 Incisions Techno Gong 139.80
20 Plastic Boy Twixt 141.30
21 Astral Projection Analog Voyager 139.80
22 Astral Projection Burning Up Main Mix 141.90
23 Transa Transtar 142.20
24 X-Cabs Neuro 99 142.20
25 Pablo Gargano The Unexplained 142.70
26 Mr. Oz and Larry Lush Northern Lights 143.90
27 Astral Projection Life on Mars 143.90
28 Astral Projection Nilaya 143.90
29 Astral Projection Aqua Line Spirit 144.60
30 Pablo Gargano Possessed by Fire 145.80
31 Pablo Gargano The Stranger 146.80
32 Pablo Gargano Everyone's Future 147.60
33 X-Dream The Second Room a-trip 147.70
34 Experimental Fluxtuation Anjuna 149.80
35 Drax Amphetamine 151.10
36 Experimental Fluxtuation Man Does Not Understand 154.90

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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