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The Six Crosses Half Set

First sides is on the left.

5 Figures

Figure No Bars Figure name Style Avg time
1 40 Polka 00:35
2 48 Polka 00:42
3 56 Polka 00:53
4 30 Polka 00:26
5 40 Fling 00:00

Usual dancing time (no breaks): 02:36.


Can also be danced as a full set. The Fling figure is to be danced to “the duration of the music” – for my purposes I’ve put in 40 bars as it’s in repeats of 16 bars and could have an eight bar introduction.

There are no CDs which feature this music.

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Author Title Ref Last Updated
Pat Murphy Tabhair Dom Do Lamh p182


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