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Tue 2nd Apr, 2013

Dear <a href="">Mail Online</a> editor,<P>

I followed a link to one of the stories on the Daily Mail Online website, but my attention was arrested by the "FeMail Today" side bar. From the content, one would apparently think that all women are only interested in what famous women are wearing, what babies they have, who they're sleeping with or what they're saying about each other. Male celebrities might be involved but only when they're controversial or when the story is about their wife.

Don't give us that claptrap about "this is what women want". Don't give us some excuse about what sells or what your surveys have said. This is so obviously a sexist, demeaning bunch of claptrap that it's insulting to look at. It's shallow, it's boring, and it's painfully one-sided in its portrayal of women. No women scientists, leaders, or workers; no current politics, economics or public interest; nothing, in short, in common with the other readers of your paper.

Please grow a backbone, get rid of your demeaning sexist view of women, and start writing real content. Your women readers will thank you for it.

This post has also been sent to the Daily Mail Online editor.

Your sincerely,


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