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Tue 31st Jul, 2007

Helmets indeed!

After my post yesterday, I received an email from Leon Brooks. Since he could be called a poster child for wearing helmets - given that wearing a helmet on the day he was attacked saved his life - I feel sorry for having not thought of him in the first place. Helmet proof indeed![1].

[1] - I tried to find the etymology of "bullet proof", which I was told came from late fifteenth century armoury when muskets were in use. Armourers had to step up from shiny, fluted armour (designed to present diagonal surfaces to arrows and deflect them) to thicker, heavier armour capable of stopping a small lead shot fired at high velocity. The armourer would fire a ball at a corner of the armour, and the dent made was proof that a bullet would not penetrate; hence 'bullet proof'. But I can't find an authorative reference - my Google-fu is not strong today. And since I've now gone past the limit of sanity for footnote length, I should quit now.

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