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Sat 24th Nov, 2007

Im in ur tallyroom, chekin ur votez!

A friend of mine, visiting from Melbourne, and I decided to go to the Tally Room that the Australian Electoral Commission runs at the Budawang pavilion in the Exhibition Park centre in Canberra. Part of the motivation was the talk that they may be closing down the tally room in future; it is a big process to do all the security, the displays are small, manual and hard to read, and all the TV stations now have all the live links and stuff sorted out. The other part was wanting to watch the result, knowing that it might have been a ghastly loss but still too interesting to miss. So we went.

Overall it was really interesting for several highly significant reasons:

It was a great night, but made in part because of such a historic turn of the tide. I cannot help but feel smug that not only has John Howard caused the worst swing against Liberal in many decades, but that he has lost his own seat. To use your own words, John: the people of Australia want change.

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