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Tue 17th Jul, 2007

The Denialist's Deck of Cards

Starting with the two of clubs ('no problem', which I would call 'what problem') and working up to 'it's bad for business', you can now look at the complete, ordered list of the rhetorical arguments denialists use to squash debate on issues which affect their business. It also includes handy references to actual cases where industry lobby groups have used that particular tactic, just in case you thought no-one would ever be stupid enough, for instance, to try and assert that it was impossibly restrictive to require banks to actually keep their customers' details private.

As tempting as it is to make up some kind of card game using these cards, I feel too heated up about this kind of rhetoric-over-reason approach to dealing with problems to be able to actually use them. I can play a evil mastermind, but not a corporate psychopath.

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