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Fri 16th Nov, 2007

Too much time on their hands

Who decided that November was (National) Blog Posting Month? It's already (National) Novel Writing Month, where you need to put in at least 1,250 words per day in order to achieve their goal. And now we're supposed to blog every day about something? Does the name of this blog, Too Busy For Words, not mean anything to them? Fat chance of that happening. Most of us have lives, and don't feel the need to comment on inane bits of them every day just to fulfill some arbitrary challenge.

I've been working on improving the documentation for LMMS - in other words, writing documentation for it; turning earring holders for my nieces so that they can give them to their friends; trying to find a new job to replace the old one that runs out at the start of December; tending the vege garden - in other words, finding water to keep it alive; trying to find our old household budget and/or make a new one; and more. I don't have time to just witter on about anything in order to make someone else's arbitrarily set quota. I'll probably write a good portion of that 40,000 words in the documentation anyway, it just won't be a work of disjointed fiction like some of the worse NaNoWriMo contributions and software manuals I've seen.

(Thanks to Steve Hanley for reminding me that NaNoWriMo is in November.)

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