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Mon 31st Jul, 2006

The "Yam Jam" game!

Courtesy of the #slug channel, I've come up with a game to pass the time with friends: each person says a word that relates to the previous word said. If at any stage the word can rhyme with any previous word said then the entire list of rhyming words has to be said. So a game would look something like:

PaulWay[w] Yam!
purserj Potato!
jedi Watermelon!
Hobbsee orange!
TheMuso Manderin
TheMuso Pear
purserj Cumquat!
PaulWay[w] Jam!  Yam jam!
And the game could continue with someone else saying another fruit or vegetable, or a condiment, or whatever.

Just an idle diversion...

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