Paul's Irish Dance Music Database

Welcome to Paul's Dance Music Database. The aim of this site is to provide set dancers and teachers with a way to find all the information available on a set or a ceili dance, including where to get instructions and music. The database is cross-linked so you can find your way around by following the blue-underlined words. Please email me if you find any errors or have more information for the database.

Please feel free to start by browsing the indexes of:

New! You can now search for sets by the figure(s) they contain.
Simply enter the number of bars and choose the style and .

For those people interested in composing a set, the database can find music that will suit it.
Simply enter the number of figures and .

The latest things to be updated in the database are:

I'm currently working on a new version of the database that is better presented, has better support for ceili dances and non-dance music, and many more features. Much progress has been made as of November 2009 but it's still got a way to go yet. Stay tuned!