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The original Hyperdog mix number 31, originally done on 22/01/06 as a preparation for mixing at LCA (see the Arc Cafe mixes), is now sadly lost to the mists of time. It remained in my listing but, because I was mixing on a work laptop at the time, I left the mix file there. I thought about doing a new ‘old’ mix, mixing music from the time, but that purpose is already served by other mixes.

Then I was listening to “Synthectic” by Mat Zo and realising again how great this tune was – how much I wish I could make trance tunes as beautiful, clean and spacious – and realised I hadn’t put it in a mix yet. I fired up MixMeister and started work. And gradually, strangely, my choices of music kept on coming back to stuff I would have had around 2006. Yet I also found new tracks I bought in 2009 also worked in well, and so it became a combination of a reworking of the old tunes I loved and the new ones I also loved.

So it sort of fits to make it the old Hyperdog mix, and fill in a gap in my catalogue.

Completed 23 Mar 2010



Total play length: 01:19:48

Track listing









1 Mat Zo Synthectic 131.00 09:31
2 Cass and Slide Perception 132.40 09:25
3 Paragliders Change Me 133.00 05:46
4 Star Rock Rose Original Mix 133.00 08:14
5 Way Out West The Gift 132.90 07:18
6 John "00" Fleming Rasa Lila John C Remix 133.00 10:30
7 Our House Soliton Wave 133.70 05:02
8 POB Waah Original Seismix 135.00 03:55
9 Sabastian Brandt pres. Genua Secret Staircase Pressure Mix 134.00 07:12
10 Gouryella Ligaya Ferry Corsten Remix 134.70 08:43
11 Bobina Spinning Megadrive Dub 135.00 06:29
12 Tiesto Obsession 135.00 09:09
13 The Grid Texas Cowboys 135.20 05:50

I welcome any suggestions, criticisms and recommendations for new music to listen to. I will consider doing specific mixes for people, but this is only a hobby. Hope to hear from you.

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